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Introducing the next generation of VitaCig inhalation science and technology – The VitaCig® Excalibur!
What can you expect? Endless enjoyment and relaxation! The VitaCig® Excalibur is rechargeable, so you are in always control. Producing an even smoother, rich, dense vapor than its disposable counterpart, add a sleek, classy design, the VitaCig® Excalibur is the perfect pleasure at home, on the go, or with some friends.

The VitaCig® Excalibur features a unique, advanced twist on pre-filled capsule design. Pre-filled capsules are available in our two most popular all natural, vitamin enriched VitaCig flavors, fresh, cool Marvelous Mint, and rich, fruity Boisterous Berry.

The VitaCig® Excalibur kit comes with the battery bottom, two pre-filled capsules, one Marvelous Mint, one Boisterous Berry, and an innovative chargeable USB Adapter. Wield the power and enjoyment of the VitaCig® Excalibur today!

Power up, twist on, and enjoy, with the all new VitaCig® Excalibur. Sleek, lighweight, with stylish silver strip, the VitaCig® Excalibur is the perfect indulgance and accessory statement.
Marvelous Mint Capsule Taste: Mint and Eucalyptus
Boisterous Berry Capsule Taste: Blueberry and Blackcurrant

Activations: Each of the capsules contained in the package holds approximately 300-400 activations
Performance: Fully charged about 300 – 400 activations.
Average charging time: 2.5 hours
Content: The VitaCig® Excalibur kit includes a battery bottom, two pre-filled capsules, one Marvelous Mint, one Boisterous Berry, and an innovative chargeable USB Adapter.
Each Pre-Filled Capsule Contains the Following Vitamin Base:

Vitamin D3: 1IU
Vitamin B12: 1000 mcg
Vitamin C: 1000 mcg
Vitamin E: 1000 mcg
Coenzyme Q10: 500 mcg

Other Ingredients: Natural Flavors, MaxVG , Distilled Water

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3 reviews for Vitacig Excalibur

  1. Shaquitta Tarter (verified owner)

    I absolutely love mine I am ordering more I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  2. Robin (verified owner)

    Very nice! Love how this is much more economical and environmentally friendly than the disposable sticks. Lovely flavors and hearty vapor. I do wish there was all the other flavors available in the carriages.

    Also hoping to see a woodsy-earthy flavor of somthing like cedarwood, sandalwood, pine and juniper berry essential oils!!! Please 🙂

  3. enishino

    Love this. Just got Mint and Berry flavors. Hope to see more flavors like the classic and S-editon in the near future!!!

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