Vitacig Excalibur Boisterous Berry Capsules

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Advanced twist on capsule technology. Each pre-filled capsule lasts about 300 – 400 activations! This corresponds to about 8 packs of cigarettes.

Color: White
Taste: Blueberry and Blackcurrant
Content: In the package 5 Excalibur White Capsules contained
Each Pre-Filled Capsule Contains the Following Vitamin Base:

Ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, MaxVG, Distilled Water.

boisterous-berry-black-currantBlack currant:
Black currant seed oil has prominent health benefits, most of which are well documented and verified by research studies. Most of its health benefits are attributed to a nutrient called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is a fatty acid. Their anthocyanins are effective in promoting blood circulation and repel cell-damaging substances. Blackcurrant is well known for its beauty enhancing benefits. It also has an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and contains three times as much vitamin C as a lemon.

Blueberry has long been a Superfood and thanks to their antioxidant flavonoids and blue rich nutrient colors has been a great benefit in combating high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer.

IMPORTANT: Please note, if the unit does not produce water vapors any more, it is empty. Discard, and put on a new Capsule. Do not continue to use, and do not attempt to refill the Capsule. If you taste or smell a slight burnt smell, this means the Capsule is finished and dead. Immediately replace it with a new Capsule. Do not continue to use. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you understand these user requirements.

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2 reviews for Vitacig Excalibur Boisterous Berry Capsules

  1. Stan

    Great concept nice ?

  2. Robin (verified owner)

    This is tasty and smells great! Good vapor too! Will be one of my regular purchases.

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