VitaCig Complete Set


VitaCig Complete Set

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vitacig cool citrusCool Citrus:
VitaCig ® Cool Citrus gives you that cool, refreshing citrus flavor. The perfect, calorie-free way to wake up in the morning, or anytime you want to feel vitalized and inspired by the taste of naturally obtained orange extract and lime, the main component of citrus fruit! Take your taste buds through a ripened citrus grove, with VitaCig® Cool Citrus.

vitacig cool citrusMarvelous Mint:
VitaCig® Marvelous Mint delivers a refreshing and invigorating flavor sensation all day long. Who needs chewing gum, or breath freshener, when you have a VitaCig® Marvelous Mint to vape on. Fresh mint and eucalyptus flavor that gives you a long lasting fresh feeling!

vitacig charming cherryCharming Cherry:
VitaCig® Charming Cherry is the diva among our VitaCig® flavors. Not only does she convince with her exclusive golden design but also with her charming, unique flavor – fresh mint and ripened cherry. You are at a party and you don’t want to go outside for a smoke? With her sleek, stylish, sophisticated look, and tantalizing mint and cherry flavor, VitaCig® Charming Cherry will be welcome in at any party.

vitacig cool citrusBoisterous Berry:
VitaCig® Boisterous Berry provides an intense flavor mix of fresh blueberries, huckleberries and black currant. When life gets a little dull and monotonous turn the flavor up with VitaCig® Boisterous Berry.

vitacig charming cherrySucculent Strawberry:
Our limited edition Succulent Strawberry naturally flavored VitaCig® combines the taste of fresh picked, ripe strawberries and the cool refreshing sensation of Menthol.

vitacig vintage vanillaVintage Vanilla:
VitaCig® Vintage Vanilla offers a moment of relaxation and serenity during a tiring and stressful day. The classic taste of pure vanilla and subtle taste of green tea is calming and allows you to forget everyday life for a little bit!

vitacig cool citrusKama Sutra:
VitaCig® Kama Sutra is a revolutionary all new “love potion”, in a vape pen. Using all-natural oils and plant extracts, uniquely picked for their potential aphrodisiac qualities. The Apple has always been seen, as a symbol of love and sex in ancient cultures. So, arouse your senses today with VitaCig® Kama Sutra! *

vitacig cool citrusSurge:
VitaCig® SURGE B-12 contains the smooth, delicious taste and excellent aroma of tender juicy ripe mangos, with a hint of refreshing, cool mint. Each VitaCig® SURGE Edition contains 1000 servings of the 2.5 mcg Adult B-12 RDI (41,667% Daily Value).

vitacig cool citrusSleep:
Each night millions of people in the U.S. struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. For some this is only a brief problem. But for others, insomnia can become a severe, ongoing struggle. VitaCig® SLEEP Edition was created with that in mind. Whether you are looking to chill and relax or rack out for the night. VitaCig® SLEEP Edition is the perfect VitaCig® edition for you. VitaCig® SLEEP Edition blends the soothing aroma of Lavender, a hint of vanilla, along with Valerian, Lemon, Neroli extracts.

vitacig vintage vanillaSlim:
Looking for something put in your mouth? Well, put down those cheese puffs, and pick up a VitaCig® SLIM Edition! Formulated using juicy Passion Fruit extract, plant extracts like Hoodia and KonJac Root known for their potential appetite suppression qualities, Garcinia Cambogia, known to potentially encourage weight loss. GreenTea, amino acids, Arginine, and L-Carnitine known to potentially help support increase metabolism. *

vitacig vintage vanillaStress:
Everyday life brings all kinds of stressors, whether relational, social, workplace, environmental, etc., Instead of munching on high fat, low quality foods, smoking tar-based cigarettes, or alcohol consumption, pick up a VitaCig® Stress S-Edition!

vitacig s-edition rejuvenateREJUVENATE:
New VitaCig® REJUVENATE Floral Edition is infused with vitamins B12, C, D, & E, and incorporates the beautiful arousing and refreshing aromas of freshly blossomed Rose, with a touch of Geranium & Jasmine. *

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