Custom Order

Custom orders are accepted at VITACIG.
Your own original and custom designed Vitacig, can used for sales and promotion, party or gift items, or white label brand for small business start-up.

About custom order

Custom order is a service that can change the design of our VitaCig unit and packaging according to your own unique brand and logo, using our own VitaCig flavors, or the flavors of your choice.

Please confirm the following matter in detail.

Minimum number of lots ordered 300 Units Per Flavor
Selectable flavor

Classic Edition 6 types

  • Marvelous Mint
  • Boisterous Berry
  • Vintage Vanilla
  • Cool Citrus
  • Charming Cherry
  • Succulent Strawberry

S-Edition 6 types

  • Surge
  • Stress
  • Slim
  • Sleep
  • Rejuvenate
  • Kama Sutra


The design of the main body and packaging can be designed to your creativity and specifications!

Increase Sales or Impress Your Clients!

Our all-natural vitamin and essential oil VitaCig aromatherapy personal diffusers would make for a totally unique and exciting approach to branding and promotion for companies and businesses large or small. Picture your logo, company name, company theme on our stiks and packaging as a unique tool to impress potential clients or to increase your brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales. Perfect for health and wellness companies, doctors office, spas, salons, car dealerships, restaurants, online or retail shops, etc,,,

Party Clean!

Vitacig is also the perfect gift or giveaway at a party, media or business event, grand opening, celebration. Again, we could incorporate an endless array of design, name, logo, ideas to make your event one to remember.

Start Your Own Small Business!

VitaCig is a unique, one of a kind product. Create your own company, company name, logo. Whether your marketing approach is smoking cessation, health and wellness, or social and lifestyle our product is the perfect product to begin your entrepreneur enterprise. For additional fees, you can have access to our legal staff to assist with trademark protection, or our technical Engineer to help create any flavor or flavor combination you can think up. Want to add customized E-Juice, Mods, Tanks, Cartidge products, we can do that as well.

Process from inquiry to delivery

STEP 1 Inquiry · Consultation
If you would like a custom order please enter your information onto our special custom order form.
Click here for custom order form
STEP 2 Contract With Us
Prior to placing an order for a custom order, you will need to enter into a written exclusive contract with VitaCig Inc.
STEP 3 Completed Contract / Invoice Sent
After the contract is executed and returned, and the details of your custom order reviewed and confirmed, we will then invoice you or your company for payment.
STEP 4 Invoice Paid In Full/ Sending Design Template Data
Once invoice is paid in full, we will re-confirm the purchase order details you filled in, and request the design template data of the shell casing and packaging, in ai and fully outlined. For additional fee, our Team can design and create the logo for the packaging and shell casing for you.
STEP 5 Confirm Data Upload
Once the design for all pieces is agreed upon and confirmed by client, we will then move into production phase according to order specifications and details you submitted on the order form.
STEP 6 Delivery
We will deliver the finished product to the designated location. Following completion of Step 5, we will deliver finished product in about three weeks.

*No Refunds, No Returns! No guaranteed delivery on International orders. Be sure to check local customs to ensure customs clearance.

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